Data Centre, Cloud & Hosting Services

We provide a wide-range of hosted solutions via our data centre.


Rackspace, Cloud Computing, Co-Location, Hosted Applications, DR, Remote Desktops, Cloud Services, Hosting & Data Centre

We provide robust Hosting centre solutions from our facility located in the North East. This provides a safe and secure ‘out of town centre’ location for your data. This can be used as your off-site back up, to provide a secondary ‘co location’ back up service or to act as the primary host for your cloud-based data.

Lets talk Hosting..

  • Systems & Application Hosting
  • Systems Co-Location
  • Online Data Backup
  • Virtual Server and Workstation provision
  • Rackspace (1U - 1/4 Rack - Full rack)
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Server Replication
  • Cloud Computing & Cloud Services


The North East Data Centre is located at the e-volve Business Centre in Sunderland with 24 x 7 security and CCTV Camera Surveillance. Once inside the building, access to the computer area is by key-card. Facilities in the Data Centre are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week .

Applications hosted in the Data Centre are protected by resilient clustered Firewall/VPN, in addition to application-specific firewalls if required.

Off-site data storage is available if required.

System Monitoring

In addition to the 24 x 7 facilities monitoring, there are various levels of monitoring based on the hosting services provided. Monitoring tools watch for hardware problems and operating system performance including CPU, memory, and disk space utilisation.


The hosting facility provides redundant internet connections for high-speed connectivity as well as private Leased Line and IP/VPN links. Connectivity and the reliability of the network are monitored 24 x 7.


Highly trained, experienced staff install, configure and maintain the hardware (including Operating Systems), monitor the systems, manage disk allocation and data backups together with systems security and perimeter security.

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