Knowledge Is Power

Let our independent specialists demystify the world of IT and Consultancy, giving you plain and simple recommendations in a language that you’ll understand. We will first listen to you and assess your specific requirements. Based on this, we’ll present your options and advise you of the most appropriate solution.

Where more than one option exists, we’ll explain the pros and cons of all the options, so that you can make an informed decision. Brilliant IT can dramatically improve a business. Don’t let lack of understanding stand in the way of your progress.

About Your Project

For each and every consultancy project, the overarching objective is to bring genuine understanding so that you can make the right decision for your organisation.

We do this by carefully assessing your situation in order to determine your precise needs; so that we know exactly what you need and why you need it – true consultancy. Then we can call upon our quarter century of experience in the IT world to devise the very best solution for you.

We’ll explain the options, including the pros and cons, and work with you to identify the best course of action.Meaning that you can make the very best decision that fits our organisation, with technology making you stronger.

Areas Of Expertise

While two projects are never the same, we typically advise clients on the following topics:

ttt Virtualisation

ttt IT Systems and Network Design

ttt Security Audits, Reviews and Recommendations

ttt Business Continuity requirements (including Disaster Recovery)

ttt Data Storage, Protection and Backup

ttt Infrastructure Review/Audit & IT Strategy Development

ttt Managed Services

ttt Systems access and control

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