• The AntiVirus Service requires no expertise required to administer the solution.  PCI will install, administer and proactively monitor the solution
  • Provide periodic status reports as well as informing you of any issues that need attention (e.g. out of date virus patterns etc).
  • Centralised monitoring & management console.
  • Per-mailbox protection.
  • Internet-based updating.
  • No annual license agreement.
  • No License renewal notifications & payments.
  • Flexible monthly subscription basis where users/nodes can be added and removed as and when required.
  • Corresponding addition or reduction in monthly payments.
  • No capital expenditure required to purchase the hardware and/or software infrastructure on which the AntiVirus needs to run.
  • Highly available/Resilient hosted infrastructure housed within a secure temperature-controlled Data Centre with redundant internet connectivity.

For additional related services, please see the Anti Spam, Email Archiving, and Email Continuity information.

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PCI have provided us with a range of services over a number of years – always delivered with integrity and in a professional manner.
Reed Solicitors, Northumberland