New technology is a must for any business but the capital outlay can overstretch budgets.
Turning these costs into affordable monthly payments enables your organisation to pay for the technology over its useful life whilst taking advantage of the tax breaks the government allows.

Working in partnership with KC Finance, one of the leading independent IT and technology finance specialists in the UK, we are able to provide a financial solution that is tailored to your business.

  • Conserve Cash – By spreading the cost of the solution over a pre-agreed term, valuable cash flow resources are preserved and available to drive other important areas of the business operation.
  • Tax Efficient – Lease Rental agreements may be treated as a revenue expense through your profit and loss account and are therefore 100% tax allowable, both capital and interest elements of the payment.
  • Planning Confidence – We offer fixed rate agreements so the payments need not change due to annual uplifts or interest rate fluctuations. This simplifies the budgeting process and helps plan the ongoing development of your IT resource.
  • Comprehensive – Our flexible payment plans may incorporate any third party products, software, hardware, bespoke and managed services, as well as implementation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Transparent – We offer a clear payment plan with total clarity on fees and charges.
  • Flexible – Our finance agreements are as fluid as your ever-changing needs. KC Finance provides upgrade and exchange programmes designed to help you take advantage of new developments by rolling the cost into existing finance agreements.

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