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Business Software

PCI Monpellier deliver the North’s unique combination of Sage and Pegasus Business Software Support along with IT Support and Services

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At PCI Monpellier, we help businesses take advantage of every possible opportunity in today’s competitive world by providing a range of Business Software solutions which provide a competitive advantage.

Our solutions span a wide range of areas, the most common of which are Accounts, CRM, eCommerce and EPOS solutions.

All of our services are delivered by a customer-focused team of highly qualified IT experts, with many years of industry experience to call upon. This ensures that our clients realise a robust and stable operational environment which in turn supports their business.

We provide our Business Software solutions for large and small businesses across the North East and further afield, spanning different industry sectors including Professional, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, Technology, Building and many more.

With every new client, our process starts by listening so that we can assess your requirements, present the options and advise you of the most appropriate solution.

Then we implement your chosen options, be that enhancing your existing software or a new software solution or a combination of both.

Once implemented, we support and maintain your IT software, resolving any issues promptly to ensure smooth operation.

Finally, we’ll work with you to ensure that your IT software keeps pace with your business, allowing your IT to evolve with you.

We provide software solutions in four main areas, as described below.

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We provide Integrated Business Software Solutions to small and medium sized business within the UK, which includes leading accounting software providers Sage, Pegasus and IRIS.

Our specialists will help you choose the accounting software package that is aligned to your business; as each accounting software solution offers a different array of features.

By having the correct accounts package you will be able to run your business more efficiently and it will even keep an eye on the day-to-day running of your business, allowing you time to focus on more important tasks.

Pegasus Opera Case Study


Recognised by many companies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a vital business tool which at a basic level is used for managing contact with customers and prospective customers.

By monitoring and recording the activity that takes place, your sales and marketing teams will be able to spot trends and successes, also identify failures, which allow you to focus on the most productive campaigns that will ensure your sales channel is continually flowing.

CRM software can also record details of contact with your own customers, including helpdesk calls, documents sent by post, email or fax as well as any outgoing phone calls made.

By controlling and recording this valuable information you will not only be able to raise the number of enquiries you receive (and improve the conversion rate of those enquiries) but also keep hold of your customers for longer.


Full Accounts Integration is just that your web shop is completely integrated with your in-house accounts package.

This can revolutionise the way that you sell your products online; minimising the time and effort involved in managing your online stock.

Our flagship KC eCommerce Business Software Solution not only allows your business to trade online 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, but also negates the need to re-key orders into your accounts package and enter stock items onto your eCommerce site, by having total back office integration.

Your back office stock system is utililised by KC eCommerce for complete control and seamless management of stock items, by integrating with your accounts all orders are sent directly to your back office system,

As standard, KC eCommerce integrates with Pegasus Opera, Sage Line 50, Sage 200, Iris Exchequer and KC Back Office Accounts. These accounts packages also integrate with our electronic point of sale solution KCPOS.


We can supply your business with an EPOS solution that will fully integrate with your accounts software.

By integrating directly with your accounts solution your business will benefit from a system that requires no manual re-keying of data as you can use a single stock file for your entire business, from one till on one site through to multiple tills at multiple locations.

This ‘one’ system enables you to access on-demand company information with up to the minute stock control and cash levels from all your outlets.

There are a variety of industry specific solutions available and you can select a system that will function in all the areas you need it to with the ability to add further functionality to your system through modules.

KCPOS is fully interoperable with our KC eCommerce Solution along with Pegasus Opera, Sage Line 50, Sage 200, Iris Exchequer and KC Back Office Accounts as standard.

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