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Drive Business improvements and reduce costs


At last! a previously unaffordable communications system is now available to businesses of any size, in any sector, in any location.

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Increase your Productivity

Work from anywhere, at anytime on any device.  Have multiple branches? dispersed staff? all they need is an internet connection and they are up and working as if they were in the office.

Get ahead of your competition

True collaboration between staff, customers & suppliers enabling decisions to be made much faster. "Gone are the days when everyone needs to be in the same room in the same location"

Reduce your costs

Get rid of that expensive legacy telephone system, lines, support & maintenance liability and benefit from a flexible, scalable, pay-per-user-per-month service. Save on business travel, subsistence, lost time and much more...

Custom Features

Extend our feature-rich enterprise system to align more closely to your business needs with additional functionality e.g. international, national, local numbers, call recording & retrieval, PCI compliance, contact centre, CRM integrations and more...

From £7.95 per user per month


Carrier-Grade Enterprise System

  • One Number Service (ONS)
  • HD VoiceEnterprise Voicemail
  • Enterprise Voicemail (voice, email, fax, SMS)
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • Simultaneous Calls
  • Multiple Cost Savings

See feature table below


All features of Voice+ including:

  • Mobility & Team Collaboration
  • Desktop & Web Clients
  • Outlook, Google, Lotus Notes Email Integration
  • Conferencing (Audio, Video, IM)
  • Presence / Availability
  • 1-Click Communication

See feature table below


All features of Unified including:

  • Multi-Party Video Conferencing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Whiteboard (Chalk and Talk)
  • Fileboard for Document Sharing
  • Web Collaboration
  • 256 AES Encryption

See feature table below


Full custom / bespoke solution

  • Call Recording & Retrieval
  • PCI Compliance
  • CRM & Application Integration
  • Contact Centre / Call Centre
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Lease Finance Options

Bespoke Configuration

See it in action..

We believe that the only way of truly grasping what our platform can do for you and your business is to see it in action. Book a free 1:1 guided demo directly on our calendars below:

Delivered from the cloud, our ‘carrier-grade (five nines) reliability’ resilient dual node enterprise Unify Openscape UC platform, provides businesses with all the features and capabilities of a modern-day, on-premise phone system plus a whole lot more including Presence, Instant Messaging & Telephone Conferencing, Smart Phone Integration, MS Outlook Integration, Remote Working and much more……… summarised as follows:

Telephony FeaturesVoice PlusUnifiedUnified Plus
Local NumberYesYesYes
Direct Dial NumberYesYesYes
Choice of Geographic NumbersYesYesYes
Keep Existing Number if requiredYesYesYes
Music on HoldYesYesYes
Multi way calling (multiple simultaneous calls)YesYesYes
Off Net CallsYesYesYes
Call Parking (allows user to move to another handset)YesYesYes
Advanced call moving from mobileYesYesYes
Business Class VoicemailYesYesYes
Call HoldYesYesYes
Call PickupYesYesYes
Extension dialling (Simplified numbers)YesYesYes
Group RingingYesYesYes
Call WaitingYesYesYes
Hunt / Pickup groupYesYesYes
Advanced call forwardingYesYesYes
Call TransferYesYesYes
CallerID / Caller name display (device specific)YesYesYes
Do not disturbYesYesYes
Call RecordingOptionalOptionalOptional
Mobile Client (Osmo)YesYesYes
Mobile Client (UC Osmo - additional features)NoYesYes
Automated Call DistributionYesYesYes
Auto Attendant (system feature)YesYesYes
Max Parties on Audio Conference Bridge61515
CRM IntegrationNoOptionalOptional
Allow extension reassignmentYesYesYes
Allow intersite video callsYesYesYes
Show call historyYesYesYes
Allow upload of personal contacts to serverNoYesYes
Silent monitor / Silent coach other's calls:YesYesYes
Allow external call forwardingYesYesYes
Exchange Integration (Requires Didicated UC Server instance)NoYesYes
MS Outlook IntegrationNoYesYes
IM presence invitation handling:User defined /Auto accept invitation /Prompt to accept invitationNoYesYes
Allow trunk-to-trunk transferYesYesYes
Busy - (temporary remove from hunt group)YesYesYes
Allow PSTN failover - (requires additional hardware)YesYesYes
Show caller ID name and numberYesYesYes
Allow customization of IP phone buttons (device specific)YesYesYes
Allow recording of own callsNoYesYes
Allow intersite video calls (device specific)NoYesYes
Record other's calls:OptionalOptionalOptional
Unified CommunicationsVoice PlusUnifiedUnified Plus
Instant Messaging-YesYes
Desktop Client-YesYes
Web Client-YesYes
Outlook Integration (Fusion)-YesYes
Integrated audio and video conferencing-YesYes
Integrated audio and video and web conferencing-NoYes
Presence enabling viewing other contacts availability-YesYes
Manage own presence status-YesYes
Tell me when (system can setup call when contact is available)-YesYes
Federated presence-OptionOption
Click to dial-YesYes
Team Features (receive notification of team members incoming calls, status, accept calls on behalf of team member)-YesYes
A conference, instant messaging, etc. can be started with only one click-YesYes
One Number Service - simple configuration of call destination from desktop, deskphone, mobile or voicemail system.-YesYes
Advanced Conferencing-YesYes
Setup of schedule conferences, with or without a moderator-YesYes
Transfer of moderation between participants-YesYes
Multiple moderators are possible-YesYes
Ad-hoc conferencing-YesYes
"Meet-Me" conferences with dial-in access for guests using a PIN-YesYes
"Meet-You" conferences to have participants be called directly-YesYes
In "Meet-You" conferences, participants are called when the moderator enters; thus avoiding unnecessary waiting-YesYes
Adding/removing conference participants with a mouse click-YesYes
Display of speaking participant-YesYes
Muting of individual participants or all participants in a conference-YesYes
Locking the conference for security and privacy-YesYes
Disconnecting individual participants from the conference or ending the conference call entirely-YesYes
HD resolution with OpenScape desktop clients-YesYes
Rules based Call Routing available-YesYes
Filters can be applied to Call Journal-YesYes
Audio and Video Calls from Mobile client-YesYes
Apple IOS, Android and Windows Clients-YesYes
Web Collaboration-NoYes
up to 1,000 session participants who can be both internal and external participants.-NoYes
Desktop sharing-NoYes
Desktop video support-YesYes
File board for documents-NoYes
Multi monitor support-NoYes
Selection of contents to be shared-NoYes
Can be started by the initiator as well as invitees-NoYes
Secure data transmission (256-bit AES)-NoYes

What's it all about ?

Working smarter. Working better. Working faster. Working reliably. Working flexibly. Working differently. Working together.

From anywhere. At any time. On any device.

True Unified Communications (UC).

That’s what it’s all about.