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Advanced level scanning accurately filters emails by examining envelope headers and structure, content, email sender reputation, images and more.
The Managed AntiSpam & Email Security serivce automatically adapts filters to cope with new spam attacks as they appear, ensuring you are always protected at the highest level.  Anti Spam uses a bulk mail method of detecting spam and is not constrained by the limitations of Lexical Analysis or Bayesian that Spammers are now exploiting.

Multi-layered Anti-Virus Scanning

The Managed AntiSpam & Email Security service threat detection technology enables the anti virus engines to provide clients with the highest protection from viruses and other email-borne threats.

All messages are scanned by sophisticated virus engines, operating at the highest levels of accuracy, performance and effectiveness.

This ensures all known viruses are captured and blocked. For increased protection, the scanning engines employ heuristics scanning to discover email threats currently unknown to the system and protects against these in real time.

What makes our Managed AntiSpam and Anti Virus so effective?

  • Quickly identifies and protects against fraudulent email.
  • Protection against Phishing, Spear phishing and Spoofing attacks.
  • Proactive monitoring centrally updated every second.
  • Language independent engine.
  • Advanced multi-level virus protection with heuristics scanning.
  • Real time updates offer protection against new and breaking attacks.
  • Administration console – monitor performance and run reports.
  • No costly hardware or software to be deployed or maintained.
  • Offers peace of mind and guaranteed performance.

Protection against impostor email (BEC)

Dynamically classify impostor email (BEC) other threats that don’t involve malware. These low volume, hard-to-detect threats have cost businesses more than £2 billion and cannot be detected by solutions that detect only malware. We detect and classify impostor email through a combination of authentication (DMARC), pre-defined rules, and dynamic classification. Our technology actively assesses the reputation of the sender for accurate protection without additional administration overhead. We analyse:

  • Sender-recipient relationship
  • Domain reputation
  • Email headers and envelope attributes
  • Email content

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Managed AntiSpam and Anti Virus Features

  • Backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement covering over a 99% spam capture rate.
  • Multi-layered Managed AntiSpam protection providing effective defence from spam with threats managed outside your network.
  • Machine learning technology detects and combats new spam threats in real time.
  • Individual / group level and companywide spam sensitivity settings available.
  • Dashboard, summary, detailed and scheduled reporting to keep users informed on spam levels and quarantined mail.
  • Consolidated User Quarantine digest email with per-email options to “Release Email” or “Release Email & Whitelist Sender.

Anti-Virus Scanning

  • Multi-layered virus protection.
  • Heuristic technology combats evolving threats.
  • 100% virus protection against known Viruses.
  • Language independent engine.

Impostor Targets

  • 47% – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • 25% – Human Resources (HR)
  • 13% – Finance
  • 8% – Payroll
  • 5% – Chief Operating Officer
  • 1% – Specialist

For additional features, see Email Archiving.

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