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Pegasus Opera 3

Let the software fit your Business. Pegasus Opera 3 is a modular suite so you only take what you need.

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We provide Pegasus Opera 3 Business Software solutions for large and small businesses across the UK in a variety of sectors.

What is Pegasus Opera 3?

Pegasus Opera 3 is a modular system that delivers a complete solution for businesses of all sizes and types.
This eliminates the need to run separate systems such as CRM, Accounts, Payroll, Finance, Helpdesk/Service or Supply Chain.
You only need to buy the modules your business actually needs.
Adding modules to the system at a later date is easily done, ensuring Pegasus Opera 3 grows with your business. Download the Brochure.

Pegasus Opera 3 is made up of the following modules:

  • Financials – complete control over your finances.
  • Payroll & HR – HMRC compliant payroll functions.
  • Supply Chain Management – management of the whole supply chain.
  • Document Management – Scan documents and store within the relevant record.
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management.
  • Construction – HMRC Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) compliant.
  • Service & Helpdesk Management – Provide superior, efficient customer service.
  • Business Intelligence – Access key Business information easily with BI.

You can purchase it to own, running the software on-premise or have it hosted in the PCI Data Centre.

PCI Monpellier are a Centre of Excellence with over 20 years experience in advising, customising and supporting Business Software systems.

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