5 tips to fortify the Human Firewall for Business IT

1. Formulate and adopt strong security policies Potent data security starts with strong policies. Policies in business IT and data protection are the rules that manage what's safe and what's not. The policies formulated should be able to address the concerns and practices of your organisation, for example: Hardware disposal. Authenticating senders of emails and [...]

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Reason 17 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Business Improvement Features

Since the first release of Opera 3, we’ve added many more exciting new features to provide you with software that works hardest for your business through business improvement features. When using Pegasus Business Software you’ll also benefit from all these: New report engine In Opera 3 (O3) you can run multiple reports at the same time and reports can [...]

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4 items to check regarding Hardware Maintenance & IT Support Newcastle

Here are the 3 most common ways a Newcastle-based Business will get caught out when looking to outsource to a Managed Support Provider (MSP). These apply to businesses with an existing contract or to those who are looking to change IT Service provider. Hardware Maintenance (or lack of) You would expect your computer infrastructure to run without [...]

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Reason 4 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Credit Management Centre

Manage customer debt effectively to help improve cash flow when you upgrade from Opera 2 The Credit Management Centre offers a centralised, easy-to-use tool which consolidates all of the information needed for effective credit control. With easy-tounderstand, real-time graphs displaying your overall financial status, you can quickly see what is owed, who owes it and how much money has [...]

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Security: What is Malware?

Malware is a term used for Malicious Software. This software can get into your computer and perform actions without your permission, giving hackers full access to your machine. You could compare it to a common cold. You probably can’t remember the exact time you got infected and it may even stay dormant. However, once [...]

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Security Bulletin – Microsoft provides patch Office Word zero day flaw

A new zero-day security flaw that affects all versions of Microsoft Office - Word has been revealed. Researchers said thatthe bug can be used to secretly install malware, even on fully patched machines. Cybersecurity firm Proofpoint announced it had discovered an email campaign targeting the bug that aimed to distributed Dridex malware. Unlike common Word document attacks, this flaw doesn't [...]

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Joe Olabode guest speaker at Swinburne Maddison event

Joe Olabode, Managing Director at PCI Services was the guest speaker at a Swinburne Maddison & Tait Walker business funding event held at Ramside Hall in Durham. Joe gave an insight into his experience of receiving investment from Northstar Ventures and told how the first step in his investment journey was engaging a Corporate Financier to [...]

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