We first listen, assess your requirements, present the options and advise you of the most appropriate solution.


Then we implement your chosen options, be that enhancing your existing infrastructure or a new system or a combination of both.


Once implemented, we support and maintain your IT systems, resolving any issues promptly to ensure smooth operation.


Finally, we’ll work with you to ensure that your IT keeps pace with your business, allowing your IT to evolve with you.

About PCI Services

IT Services – Working Together to get the Most from Your Business Systems


PCI Services provide I.T. ServicesIT Support and Solutions, Consultancy, Unified Communications and Business Software.

We help businesses both large and small to get the most from their investment.  We are based near Sunderland but our customers are primarily based in the North East, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

But what makes us different is our unique approach, which we follow with every customer – which helps us to identify and resolve problems, thereby maximising the benefits.

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Evolve Business Centre, Rainton Bridge Business Park, Sunderland, DH4 5QY